Rap Tronic

Stepping out of the Box

RAP Team 21/10/2019

Our latest successful project consisted of replacing a 100mc water tank with a new one. The challenges were significant, considering its dimensions and location.

Below is a short description of the entire process:

The replaceable tank, with generous dimensions – 20 m long and 4.2 m in diameter, was in a difficult to reach area and for its removal it had to be carried out above a production hall, which meant a complex, laborious plan, because the production process could not be interrupted. It was necessary to use a large crane to reach the area. Its chains were connected to the tank, the tank was completely detached from the holding structure on which it was placed, after which it was lifted and removed without any incidents. A smaller second crane was then used to position it horizontally.

As we had no space for hoists or other lifting equipment, we have contracted the services of an industrial climbing specialized partner to secure the tank during the transport with the crane. After unplugging the tank from the support structure, with the help of specialized partners in cranes, we started the procedure of lifting and transporting it over the building and then horizontally laying the tank and preparing it for transport to the storage place. Once the place was cleared, we lifted the new tank to sit on the supports and prepared it for fastening and connecting to utilities. Following the successful completion of the operations described, our client stated that it was fully satisfied with the high level of services, the way all was organized, the quality of the new equipment and of the installation work. After testing, the tank was immediately integrated into the production process.

We are proud that we had the chance to be a part of this complex and challenging project, which we have successfully completed in the agreed time frame and budget parameters.