Rap Tronic

New Horizons in the Chemical Industry

RAP Team 04/03/2019

In the past years, we made significant efforts to develop the skills and knowledge to fulfil the high standards of the chemical industry. We built important partnerships with global industry leaders to implement smart solutions to accommodate the market’s intricacy.

The most recent project in this area consisted in the design, manufacturing, integration and installation of new equipment needed for extending the production capacity for a new building material additive, suitable for high-humidity applications and the harsh weather conditions in the Middle East.

A major challenge was developing and designing an effective mixing assembly for the variable viscosity and a very accurate dosing system to control an exothermic reaction based on time, temperature and mass, considering the ATEX perspective. The logistics of handling the oversized equipment on land and sea was also thought-provoking.

The project’s scope was subsequently extended to address a few unforeseen aspects of such a large endeavour. Since implementation more than six months ago, the equipment has been performing according to the agreed parameters and specifications. The time schedule and budget were met, the client’s expectations exceeded.

We are always proud, honoured and grateful to be part of daring and innovating projects. It gives us the confidence to continue to research, develop and implement better solutions for our clients, their clients and ultimately our global environment.