Rap Tronic

Innovative conveying system

RAP Team 14/03/2018

In a recent project, a client needed to transport their product from the three-slug packing machines to the pallet wrapping area. To achieve this, we created three separate conveying zones with intermediate manual box packaging in which the transit was insured by the operators. Afterward, the boxes were moved by individual conveyor belts to the taping machines and printing areas. Two of the conveyors needed to merge.To achieve this, we used two pistons that allowed the boxes to pass alternatively. In the last stage of the process, conveyors had to move the boxes to the pallet wrapping area.

Conveyor belts use a gear motor to transport the product from A to B. The conveyors can be modular, from PVC, and other materials as requested. The equipment can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs.