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Repositioning of an oversized silo

RAP Team 21/01/2021

One of our many successfully completed projects was to move a silo from one point to another, taking into account the production schedule of the beneficiary, but also other obstacles that had arisen at that time.

Our client, one of the top local beer producer, wanted to disconnect a 130 m3 silo and move it from the front of the one of the oldest factories of their industry in Romania to the back of it, where it was to be reconnected. The challenge was that the operation had to be completed in no more than four days and the difficulty arose when we replaced the lifting equipment supplier at the last minute, the consequence of that being a complete change in the working method.

In the initial scenario, the operation of moving the silo would have required its transfer in a vertical position, with the help of two 100t cranes, in order to avoid the need to remove its insulation. As the time was short, the procedure would have required stopping the production process for a period of four days, including the weekend.

In the new scenario, the silo had to be moved in a horizontal position, without damaging the insulation, using a different, more difficult route than the one chosen initially. What have we done? In order to successfully finish the operation, we have chosen a longer but safer path, for which we have acquired a special permit, because in the second scheme we have selected to go around the factory via the main street. We have managed to convince the client that this is the best way to respect the project’s timing. In order to manipulate the silo that measured 20 meters high and 4 meters in diameter in a horizontal position we had used two cranes, a 100t one and another of 70t and for the transport between the two points we used an oversized trailer.

After reconnecting the silo, we checked the functionality and the tests proved that everything went according to the specifications. Finally, we are happy that the project was successfully completed, time framed and within the established budget. The greatest achievement remains the satisfaction of our customer, who declares himself once again satisfied with our services.