Rap Tronic

Raptronic Process Engineering – Installation and commissioning of a new production line

RAP Team 26/08/2021

Recently completed in July, the project described below involved the installation of a new production line, for the manufacture of infant formulas, for an Irish customer.

The challenge was to prepare the project in just two weeks, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, obtain country-specific certifications, meet strict occupational health and safety standards and plan and optimize activities and resources in a safe and quality manner, so that the project completion deadline is met.

After careful analysis of the situation, the risk management plan was developed, containing possible solutions in case of their effects. Although the start of the project was not as planned, in order to meet the updated needs of the beneficiary, the activities were reorganized and additional resources were allocated according to the changes.

The purpose of the project was to unload and position of large equipment and make pipe connections between the equipment and the existing production line. The main equipment consisted of tanks with capacities between 5 and 40 m3, utilities with dimensions up to 6 m long and 3 m high and 316L stainless steel pipe routes, of approximately 3500 ml.

The project approach was structured and based on priorities. Resources were allocated according to the client’s planning and the available work front. To unload the tanks and bring them to a vertical position, two cranes were used, one of 80 tons and the other of 100 tons. The ingress of the tanks in the production hall was made on transport rollers, in a vertical position, respecting industry-specific conditions. The utilities were then reassembled and installed in the final position. In the meantime, the pipe routes have been prepared at the workbench, minimizing the risks of working at height. After positioning the equipment, the pipe routes were installed, approaching five work fronts at height and permanently keeping a team at the workbench, in order to optimize working times. As the scope of the project and the technical solution changed over time, a fast mobilization of the entire team was required, from buyers to the execution staff.

Finally, we can declare with satisfaction that our project was completed in maximum conditions of security and quality, within the established deadline. The flexibility and prompt response to frequent changes to the project contributed to its success. The congratulations received by the project team from the beneficiary and collaborators, confirm and validate our success.