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RAP Instal – About us

RAP Instal is the company within RAP Group focused on providing complete solutions for any type of installations systems in the construction industrial sector.

Based on our team of professionals’ experience and on the partnerships with our suppliers, we are able to deliver complete installations solutions: design, consulting and implementation.

Our clients benefit from the advantage of purchasing integrated services, in a unified approach. Thus RAP Instal is partial or totally liable for the execution of the works and of the requested services.


Experts in construction installations

Key elements


This is our biggest advantage: providing turn-key projects. This means more efficiency for the client and less risks for the project. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to work and permanent collaboration with the beneficiary.



We choose to work with the best specialists according to our client’s needs. We are always learning and improving our working methods in order to be up-to-date for the latest technological trends and solutions.



Our network of professional suppliers is complete. This means RAP Instal has the capacity of complete execution of any type of installation projects with the support of the best providers on the market.