RAP Instal

RAP Instal – Creation of a fire detection and warning installation for rehabilitated buildings

RAP Team 26/11/2021

One of our clients wanted to rehabilitate some completely damaged and non-functional buildings, by partially demolishing them, extending them horizontally, arranging the platforms, interior subdivision and modification of the facades and complete restoration of the installations.

The objective of RAP Instal was to implement electrical and fire extinguishing installations for these buildings. The fire signaling installation was executed in accordance with the norms in force and with the provisions of General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

The warning system was based on a C.D.I signaling station, which was located in the central room, in the ground floor area, with the redirection of the alarm signal to the doorman’s cabin. Because the plant was located in an area without permanent staff, it was equipped with GSM mode connected to an intervention dispatcher.
The detection and warning system consisted of:
• addressable fire alarm control panel;
• addressable smoke detectors, installed in all rooms at risk of fire;
• addressable manual fire signaling buttons, mounted in visible places, at exits or on access roads, in accordance with the provisions of P 118-99, at a maximum of 30m from each other;
• addressable indoor sirens for fire signaling;
• conventional outdoor sirens for signaling the fire;
• J-Y (st) copper signaling cables, 2x2x0.8mm², with flame propagation delay, fire resistant for 30 minutes;
• JEH (st) E30 copper signal cables, 2x2x0.8mm², flame spread delay, fire resistant for 30 minutes;
• inlet / outlet modules, exhaust path controls, ventilation hatches, extinguishing system, etc.

In its operation, the control panel cyclically interrogates each address in the system (each detector, manual alarm button, etc.). The memorization of the detected events is done through the internal memory of the boiler, and their display is made on the display of the fire boiler. It is advisable, taking into account human behavior in case of danger, to place the signal buttons on the escape routes, preferably near doors. In the case of large spaces, it is recommended that the buttons be placed in such a way that, when leaving the protected area, any individual can pass in front of a button, without covering a distance of more than 50 m, in no more than 30 seconds.

The fire alarm control panel must automatically take over the power supply when the main source no longer provides the normal power supply for the operation of the installation. The transition from one source to another must not lead to changes in the state of the system. The backup source must ensure the normal operation of the installation for at least 48 hours and at least another 5 minutes under general fire alarm conditions. If it is intended to protect people, this time is increased to 30 minutes. No other receivers, which are not connected to the fire protection system, are connected to the power supply circuits of the signaling system.

The installation we just described was completed on time and within the established budget. Our client declared himself completely satisfied with the quality of our services and the installation work. Following this collaboration, the company requested our services in other projects.