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RAP Instal – creating a fire safety system

RAP Team 13/07/2021

The objective of a recent project was to design and implement a fire safety system for one of our customers, aimed at reducing the damage caused by such an incident, but especially to protect users and the perimeter.

Within the project, four types of installations were made, three for extinguishing and preventing fires, with external and internal hydrants and sprinklers, having as water source the local supply pipe and one for smoke evacuation.

The outdoor installation involved the construction of a network of above-ground and underground hydrants, resulting in a total of four hydrants serving the building.

Considering the construction and operating characteristics and taking into account the provisions of the norms and standards in force, the indoor installations included indoor hydrants and a water sprinkler system. All production and storage rooms, respectively technical spaces and offices, were provided with sprinklers, which were arranged in two areas. More specific, a rooftop sprinkler system have been installed in both the storage area and the production area. The control and signaling device, to which they are connected, was provided with two independent signaling and alarm systems, namely a hydro-mechanical system operating a bell turbine, located on the outer wall of the pumping station and a system of electrical signaling and alarm, which transmits the signal through the interface of the ACS device to the dispatcher of the commercial complex. The project also provided a drencher system for the protection of gaps that connect the technical ventilation space and the production space.

As for the water reserve, consisting of two above-ground reservoirs, it is fed from the water network of the enclosure, which is connected to the public network. The water pumping station was located in the area behind the hall, including the pumping equipment, containers and connecting pipes necessary to ensure the operation of all fire extinguishing systems.

After the successful completion of the described actions, the client is fully satisfied, and due to the success of this project we continued the collaborate. Finally, we can proudly say that the goal of providing each client with a secure project, on time, within the established budget and carried out with great attention to detail, has once again been achieved.