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RAP Group Team

We thrive in an ever-changing industry and environment because of our people. RAP Group grew thanks to a diverse team of engineers, qualified, highly skilled workers, and experts in various domains (sales, marketing, procurement, HR, financial, law) all with a passion for engineering and industrial services.

Daniel Moise

Director General RAP Development

Daniel promotes the utmost respect for the clients and the superior quality of workmanship as the main values in the company.

+40 268 406 220

Constantin Tatomir

General Director RAP Invest

Constantin is deeply involved with advancing the company's goals and success. Despite his young tenure, the results speak for his dedication and tiredless commitment.

+40 268 406 220

Sorin Gherghel

General Director RAP Tronic

Sorin believes that our focus is to handle each project as unique while doing something extraordinary for our clients, partners and communities.

+40 268 406 220

Silviu Cucuian

General Director RAP Systems

Among an increasing demand for automation, Silviu believes in communication, efficiency and flexible solutions that can easily be renewed, updated or upgraded .

+40 268 406 220

Aurelian Cristea

General Director RAP Instal

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Aurelian advocates for an optimal balance between price, quality and timeframes. He understands the challenges of the clients, the differences among the suppliers and the market opportunities.

+40 268 406 220

Monica Bîldea

Executive Director

Monica advocates for entrepreneurial and corporate solutions with a business to business approach and people to people twist.

+40 268 406 220