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RAP Group – History

Since 1992, RAP Tronic has been active in many engineering fields that were initially handled by a specialized department. In time, each department became a self-sufficient limited company operating under the umbrella of RAP Group.


RAP Tronic began as a company specialized in the setup and maintenance of the food industry equipment.


RAP Tronic began delivering technology projects consisting of the design, manufacturing of production lines, installation, commissioning, and industrial automation.


Five years later, RAP Tronic became involved with warehouse construction and started renting out these developments to different companies.


RAP Instal was the first company to emerge from the core company to gradually step in and manage mechanical processing activities previously under RAP Tronic’s umbrella.


Fueled by a significant increase in scope and activities, the maintenance portion was taken over by RAP Term, the second company that originated from RAP Tronic.


RAP Development and RAP Systems were incorporated. RAP Systems contracted the industrial automation activities.


RAP Confectionery was created to manufacture cocoa, chocolate, caramel, and sugar goods, mainly extruded chocolate count lines and starch molded products.


All construction-related activities were diverted to RAP Development.


RAP Instal changed its focus to address plumbing and electrical works for industrial buildings.


RAP Process Engineering was incorporated. It specializes in development, manufacturing, and assembly of equipment and installations for various industries ranging from food to chemical, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.


RAP Invest was established. It specializes in real-estate development, primarily industrial facilities (offices, small production, and warehouse) and land rental.


RAP Group celebrated 25 years.


RAP Group redefines its branding strategy and implements a new visual and web identity.
RAP Tronic continues to offer support to all RAP Group companies, inter-company liaison, and assistance for research and development of new business fields.