RAP Development

RAP Development – The construction of an industrial building, office spaces and exterior works

RAP Team 12/10/2021

The objective of the project described in the following lines was the construction of an industrial building, office spaces and exterior works, all these being a Greenfield Investment of our partner HIAROM, the world’s leading provider of equipment for handling, loading and unloading goods, of smart services and digitally connected solutions.

The challenge was to identify technical and commercial solutions to fit the client’s budget, for a project fully equipped with top materials and specifications, in a construction materials market that has experienced great price increases.

What did we do? Alongside the project team, consisting of members of all internal departments, respectively procurement, technical, financial and sales, but also with the active support of the beneficiary’s team, we agreed competitive technical-commercial solutions.

From a structural point of view, both the production building and the office building were made of a completely precast concrete structure (pillars, beams, purlins, floor beams, TT elements and three-layer perimeter dado wall), and prepared for overhead crane. We used isolated foundations, consisting of a monolithic foundation block and precast socket foundation ,the flooring ± 0.00 it is reinforced with steel fibers and finished with quartz.

Regarding the architectural elements, they were composed of: exterior walls of sandwich panels with mineral wool, roof sistem made of T153 sheet system, mineral wool and PVC membrane, exterior carpentry (sectional doors, metal windows, pedestrian doors), interior partitions with brick walls, plasterboard walls, fire-resistant walls, false ceilings, glass interior joinery, MDF and floor finishes (ceramic plywood, carpet, deck, etc.).

All categories of installations were implemented: sanitary, heating, hydrants, ventilation and air conditioning, pluvial and smoke exhaust system.

Also, the exterior works included BCR road platforms, a rainwater retention tank, an underground pumping station, made of monolithic concrete structure, an above-ground fire water tank and the perimeter fencing.

Therefore, the implementation of the project was successfully completed in the agreed conditions, in the end resulting a perfectly functional unit.