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MANAGING YOUR ENERGY with RAPSystems SCADA and Energy Monitoring System

RAP Team 22/12/2021

By increasing energy efficiency, companies can reduce costs and increase predictable earnings in the face of ongoing energy price volatility. Considering the negative impacts that energy price volatility can have on an organization’s bottom line, and recent sharp increases in natural gas prices across the nation, energy-efficiency improvements are needed today more than ever.

Many companies have already accepted the challenge to improve their energy efficiency in the face of high energy costs and have begun to reap the rewards of energy-efficiency investments. In addition, companies are turning to energy-efficient processes and technologies to reduce their criteria pollutant and carbon emissions, to meet corporate environmental goals.

In order to Identify Energy Savings in Manufacturing Plants, RAPSystems SCADA and Energy Monitoring System for Electricity, Compressed Air, Hot Water and Steam Systems, has been implemented together with one of the strongest companies in the global soft drinks market. RAPSystems SCADA and Energy Monitoring System generate the information you need to identify and implement cost-effective processes and technologies to reduce energy use throughout your company’s operations.

RAPSystem provide:

  • customized solutions for monitoring the all range of energy – electricity, compresed air, gas, hot water, etc.;
  • engineering and project management;
  • technical assistance and assessments, commissioning and maintenance of energy monitoring systems;
  • expert advice from our qualified team.

We have developed our multi-agent systems using a new architectural style for engineering complex and highly dynamic applications. This type of SCADA system has the following advantages:

  • simple – easier to be implemented;
  • flexible – able to adapt to its environment dynamic changes;
  • interoperable – relative to the underlying control systems, which belongs to diverse of providers

Using our SCADA systems, you will be able to query any parameter of any tag within your entire system and learn anything about what was happening at a certain time.

RAP Systems provide Energy Monitoring System that contain everything we needed in one package. This is a system that will grow together with your factory and your business.