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Rap Tronic

Raptronic Process Engineering – jury within EBEC

Alongside BEST – Board of European Students of Technology, we support the creativity, passion, engineering and management skills of students, through EBEC, the largest engineering competition in Europe. The main […]

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RAP Development

Building the first section of a trestle

The objective of one of our construction projects, completed by RAP Development recently, was to create a support trestle for the technological pipeline routes, inside the factory of our client, […]

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beer industry projectoversized tank relocationprocess engineeringstainless steel tanktank insulation

Repositioning of an oversized silo

One of our many successfully completed projects was to move a silo from one point to another, taking into account the production schedule of the beneficiary, but also other obstacles […]

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Rap Tronic

Stepping out of the Box

Our latest successful project consisted of replacing a 100mc water tank with a new one. The challenges were significant, considering its dimensions and location. Below is a short description of […]

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