CNFC Champions of the 2019 autumn edition, in the UEFCO groups of the tournament

RAP Team 03/12/2019

In an attempt to fulfill their need for physical activity, our colleagues founded a football team and formed a healthy and enjoyable habit of meeting weekly for a friendly match.

They soon realized that they were becoming increasingly good, which encouraged them to sign up for the National Corporate Football Championship, NCFC, the largest amateur football event, dedicated to corporate employees. NCFC promotes an active lifestyle, team spirit, social skills, fair play and competitiveness. NCFC ensures professional referees, medical assistance and official football balls for the games. Organized under the aegis of the Romanian Federation of Corporate Sports (RFCS), NCFC is part of the international circuit of football tournaments, raising the largest amateur football event dedicated to corporate employees to international competition status.

The tournament has two annual editions: spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November). In the second year of participation, the RAP team achieved the best result – first place of the autumn 2019 edition in the UEFCO groups of the tournament. The team was made up of Daniel Faina, Sorin Gherghel, Gabriel Iascu, Răzvan Bănică, Viorel Eiwen, Cătălin Nacu, Viorel Dogaru, Gavrilă Benedek, Ciprian Secareanu, Radu Chiriac, Cristi Spătariu, Claudiu Grusea, Bogdan Goran, Ciprian Samoilă and Gabriel Valentin Filimon. In addition, the RAP team also won first place for the most spectacular goal of a stage, through Cătălin Nacu and first place for the best player, through Răzvan Bănică.

We are very proud of our ambitious and competitive colleagues and we actively support them in training so that they can achieve even greater results in the future.

Go team!