RAP Development

Building the first section of a trestle

RAP Team 23/02/2021

The objective of one of our construction projects, completed by RAP Development recently, was to create a support trestle for the technological pipeline routes, inside the factory of our client, one of the top local beer producers. The first stage consisted of the construction of the first section, out of a total number of seven sections.

The difficulty was to bring and install a 20m long, 3m high and 1.5m wide beam, within the given constraints on site. The support structure of the trestle involved the construction of a series of metal columns, latticed, arranged at different distances, within the client’s terrain which had a series of limitations, given by the existing buildings and equipment. As for the support beams for the trestle pipes, they also had different dimensions, depending on the technological needs. The foundation on which the new trestles were to be installed were made of reinforced concrete blocks. Moreover, the anti-corrosion protection of the metal structure required special attention, in order to be built in accordance with the customer’s internal standards.

Our plan was to transport the oversized beam from Bucharest to Brasov with a specialized trailer because the design does not permit segmentation.

To manufacture the metal structure, we turned to a long-term partner, to ensure the required quality level and delivery on time. Then, for the assembly and pick-up operation from the trailer we used a 140t crane and a 40t one, respectively.

The result? Our client is once again pleased with the services we offer. Fully satisfied with the delivery of the first stage in all parameters, we are ready to approach the following sections according to the agreed time schedule.