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RAP Group – Pieces that work together

Customized and integrated engineering solutions for a wide range of industries. We develop and implement integrated solutions in industrial processes and constructions.

RAP Group consists of several companies. Each focuses on a specific domain: general works for construction, sanitary, thermal, electrical installation, and process technology for food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceutical, personal care, and chemical industries. Based in Brașov, Romania, the companies within the group have implemented projects internationally in 40 countries on 6 continents.

History Services

We constantly provide integrated customized solutions. The client has the advantage to work with one supplier capable of expertly managing all stages of the project.

RAP Group started over 25 years ago. The factors that determined a narrower focus and a dedicated company to implement change were the rapid development of RAP Tronic Company, the core business of the group, and the increasing market demand for more specialized solutions.

RAP Group delivered complex projects to hundreds of businesses around the world. For over 25 years, we gained the experience and increased our capacity to manage multidisciplinary assignments. Today, we’re proud to implement solid engineering solutions for key global players in industries such as: food, beverages, Pharma, chemical, personal care, agriculture, tobacco, retail, and more.