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About us

“Success in the future automated world will depend on humans and machines working together, rather than one replacing the other”

RAP Systems is the company within RAP Group specializing in providing industrial automation and process control solutions.

The company was established in 2007 as a result of the crystallization of the full potential of engineering applied in process automation, from entire group of companies. We provide innovative solutions and customized systems for industrial automation and integrated product development.

Our team specializes in:
1. Automation and Process Control System Automation Services
2. Customized Control Panel Design and Build
3. Site Installation & Commissioning


Key elements


We always adapt our command and control systems to the customer’s needs in close cooperation with the customer and the end-user during our projects.


Innovative Solutions

We constantly propose solutions that are not only customized, but completely adapted to the client’s needs. We also challenge ourselves to provide up-to-date and innovative solutions.



RAP Systems’ proficiency was earned from 20 years of experience in this field. It provided the opportunity to constantly develop our skills, knowledge, and the ability to learn how to handle challenges.



Our location near one of the bigger electrical enclosure producers, our partner, ELDON company, two major motorways, and two international airports ensures that our customers can easily access us from anywhere in the world. For those using ELDON products, the shipping costs are the same whether they receive only an electrical enclosure or a complete electrical panel.