Rap Tronic

EHEDG membership

RAP Team 23/01/2019

RAP Tronic is now a member of European Hygienic and Engineering Design Group. As such we are committed to the highest standards of food safety and along with EHEDG strive to

  • Identify areas where knowledge of hygienic design can be improved
  • Benefit from the expertise and further development in the fields of safe food production and hygienic engineering and design
  • Use scientific and technical guidelines on all aspects of hygienic design requirements in accordance with EU legislation
  • Imply test methods in order to identify and reduce the hazards of equipment used in food production
  • Attend training courses, seminars, and workshops
  • Expand our research and development in the field of hygienic design

We are exploring training options together with Transylvania University to become acquainted with the most recent EHEDG guidelines and knowledge advancements.